Roma- a Delay

Ciao Amici!

I realized recently that I am really the worst when it comes to this blog, and I’m so very sorry. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the amount of pictures that I have taken in the past few months that I have done the wrong thing and not posted any of them.

No more! I’m going to start just posting a few here and there. It takes away the pressure of making big, enormous posts, and it allows me to post more often. Win/win!

It looks as though wordpress has changed its blog-making layout again so forgive me, I don’t understand how to post pictures… again. 

These are photos from the restaurant where we ate in Rome. It is called L’Hamburgheria di Eataly. The food was fantastic, simple, and natural, and the beers were huge! We ordered two, thinking they would be standard American beer size… Nope. See picture for size comparison. The restaurant is almost immediately next to the Cappuccini Crypts, and we may have been a wee bit tipsy by the time we finished our food and ventured in to see the monks (I mean, really, look at the size of those bottles!) If you’re ever in Roma, near the Cappuccini Crypts (which I recommend highly) in Piazza Barberini, go visit the hamburgeria. It’s a bit pricey, but for all-natural ingredients, it’s worth it!

Until next time (which won’t be forever, I promise!)



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