No internet

One beautiful thing about Italy is that the internet can be very finicky. At this point our house has been without phone or internet since Thursday. I have a bunch of great pictures to post but I really can’t post these from my phone. Eventually I’ll get to it, hopefully.

Here’s a teaser.


Rome- A Reflection

Here is my favorite picture from our Rome trip back in May.


We were stuck in an instant 8-lane traffic stop. I think the road was supposed to have only four lanes, but truthfully, lanes are sort of implied in Italy and positively nonexistent in Rome. This bus, driven by an incredibly brave soul with iron-clad intestinal fortitude, just happened to pull out in front of us. (Don’t worry, grandmothers of ours, we were all creeping. There was no danger.) The sun hit just right, and I just happened to have my camera in hand, and, well, you can see the rest.

P.S. I should mention, just for sanity’s sake, that I was not the driver. The thought of being in a car in Rome scares me enough. Putting me behind the wheel would probably induce a mild panic attack and some hysterics. That said, once the wave of apprehension passed, I would get behind the wheel and own those tiny little roads. But, really, if I don’t have to, I won’t. I’ll take the passenger seat and the camera, per favore. Grazie!

Vicenza- A Tale of Rain

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s a little-known secret of Vicenza. Are you ready?

It looks like this. All the time.

Ok, sorry. That’s not a secret, and it’s not quite true. Vicenza doesn’t look like this all the time. It does, however, look like this a lot. Tutti giorni. Molto tiempo. Nel cielo manca un angelo? (Sorry, I’m learning to flirt in Italian. Is heaven missing an angel? You tell me…)

I could look at days like this as being buzzkills. They rain on my parade. Ha.

I actually do enjoy days like today, and here’s why:

The rain drops on the hibiscus.


The snails in the ivy.

The moody lighting.

Really the best part about days like today, this week, Vicenza is that nobody goes outside so I can photograph snails without people wondering why I’m not squashing them.

Also the rain leads to these. Everywhere. There’s not much better than food you harvest yourself.