Trivia time!

Ciao, amici!

A question: You’re driving down the roads in Europe and you come to one of these. Which direction should you go? Should you be coming toward the camera or moving away?


Toward the camera, right?


If you came to this arrow you would drive away from the camera. As far as we can figure, you’re supposed to consider it like a flashlight. The light starts as a tiny little bulb and diverges out as the distance from the source increases.

So, should you ever drive in Europe, now you know. I still have to take a moment to think when I find one of these. They fly in the face of reason, but I find them to be charming.

By the way, the blue sign with the white arrow is a one-way sign, and the blue circle with the red slash is a no-parking zone. The more you know.


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