Here Are Some Snippets About Italy

1. There is no such thing as a single “ciao!” When leaving, ciao’s come in groups of anywhere between two and ten.

2. At first glance, the driving is chaotic and terrifying. Once you immerse yourself into the fray, beautiful patterns emerge and it all makes sense. Unfortunately some of the patterns are puzzling and haven’t yet been decoded.

3. Coffee is king here. I now drink unsweetened cappuccino. My next goal is espresso.

4. Drinking in public is perfectly acceptable. Italians don’t drink to get drunk (normally) so drinking at any time is perfectly acceptable, so long as you mind your manners.

5. I’m back. I apologize for being so quiet. My husband went on a six month trip to the Middle East and I took that time for introspection and aggressive self-improvement. Now he’s back and life is coming back together and I’m ready to start writing again. We are all so happy to be back together and we are ready to really discover and fall in love with Italy. If you stuck around, thank you! I promise I’m going to write more. I just really needed some time alone with myself.

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