A Change in Direction

Hello, readers!


Anyone there? Probably not, and that’s ok. I’ve neglected this poor blog so terribly. I think I’ve figured out my issue with posting on a regular basis. Here it is: I think I have been intimidated by trying to fit my blog into some niche or category. I felt this pressure that, since I’m living in Italy, my blog must be about my latest cup of gelato and my daily tankard of wine at lunch; my travels to whichever amazing city I decided to wander over to last weekend and the hunky guy named Fabio that I wish would sweep me away. I know several people here who have that exact life, and they’re happy. The thing is, my life isn’t like that. I don’t really eat gelato and I think wine is gross. (People get mad when I say that sometimes. I think beer is better. I’d be right at home in Austria or Germany.) I also don’t travel much, really. I want to, but there’s too much else right now. (Oh, and for the record: I met a Fabio once. He was not even remotely hunky.) The “typical” nuances of Italian life are lost on me. Don’t let that fool you into believing that I don’t love it here; I absolutely do. Italy is charming and stunningly beautiful and it is populated with some absolutely wonderful people. I do adore this country. However, I can also see Italian life for what it is and I think that is far more interesting, don’t you?

So, I’ve decided that I don’t really need a category to write a blog. I don’t have to stick to any particular topic set and I certainly don’t need to post outfit pictures or DIY projects or cutesy pictures of babies to feel legitimate. Sound good to you? Great.

I’m glad that’s out of the way.

So what will the blog be? Stories! I love telling them, and I have many. Some may be better than others. Some may come in little snippets while others may be long, with installments. I’m also working on my photography so there will be pictures too. And despite what I said earlier, I *do* travel. I just don’t have the time, money, or energy to go to places like Amsterdam or Budapest right now. That comes later. Right now, I go nearby places, like downtown or Verona or to the restaurant around the corner. I might tell you some stupid jokes or share a conversation I had with my husband and/or kiddo, or maybe I’ll post pictures of the latest thing I’m drawing. Who knows.

Since I find social media to be rather repellant, I think that this blog may become my new outlet. No expectations. No theme. No posting schedule (yet). Just stories and life.