Relocation- A Poem

“Here’s your dream sheet; fill it out!”
The decision-makers commanded.
We searched and talked and talked and searched,
And did as they demanded.

“Out West!” we cried. “Not South!” we shrieked!
“We need a change of scene.”
“Since you’ve been overseas,” they said
“You’re sure to get your dream.”

Results came back- oh joy, oh bliss!
Our top choice! Colorado!
With vigor I began to plan!
(I felt we’d won the lotto.)

Four months have passed, and four remain!
I was so damn excited!
I’d hung a map; I’d bought the books,
I’d read them and highlighted.

I’d zeroed-in on neighborhoods.
I’d picked out several schools.
I knew of 12 Thai restaurants (!!!!!!!)
I’d even picked my therapy pool.

Not one small thing could bring us down.
Not one thing. Not at all.
Until, on our vacation (Rome!),
The bosses gave a call.

“So,” they began, and I’ll spare you the rest,
But I’m sure you can imagine.
The news, not good. The whole thing, dumb,
And we should have known it could happen.

The West, no more. The South? Indeed.
But why? It’s total bullshit…

But them’s the breaks, and c’est la vie.
See you this summer, Tennessee.

You’re bound to be our rebound;
You won’t be keeping me.