Venezia- The extras

These are some of the other Venice photos that really didn’t fit into a category, but they were too neat to pass up.

GrafittiImageWho is Hogre? Exactly how massive is this critter? Is he friendly? Maybe he just likes tourists. Maybe he just likes playing with boats. Maybe this is a depiction of a small sea-critter at bathtime. Maybe this is a simulation of a real cruise ship attack. Who is he? Inquiring minds want to know!

…So inquiring minds looked it up. Hogre is a famous-yet-elusive street artist who hails from Rome. His art is really impressive but his webpage is confusing. I love it.ImageImageWe saw the P.O.P.E. squid all over the place. I’m not sure what he represents exactly.ImageDrainage-ImageThis information may be wrong, but we were told that rain and flood waters drain into these grates…Imageand pass into the cisterns below these wells. The water is filtered and purified in fine sand underground. The wells are sprinkled throughout Venice.ImageThis hydrant looks like a clown to me. Mildly unnerving…

This spotImageImageIf you come visit me, MAKE ME take you here.ImageThis guyImageWe sat outside a little ristorante and drank beer and caffè while this fellow watched over us. I wish I had walked over to see who he is. Next time. The beer was quite good and the waiter was very charming, especially after his underling threw a glass at me. Ok, maybe he didn’t throw it, but it did tumble and it did land, in pieces, on my shoe. Don’t worry, my shoe and I were fine. Also, I didn’t shoot the head waiter (but only because he asked me not to) (and because the statue guy probably would not have approved) (and because I left my waiter-shooting gun in my other handbag) (It’s a joke).


ImageA giant, abandoned pane of glass.ImagePansies basking upon the railing of a canal-side ristorante.ImageI never realized that doors could be magical until I came to Italy.ImageAn Easter egg the size of a toddler. Those are full-sized wine bottles, amici!ImageDoor pull? I bet it feels warm from the Spring sun. I did not touch it.ImageImageWouldn’t you love to work in this building? I don’t know if I’d feel better or worse knowing that these chaps were standing watch.ImageThis was a really lucky shot. I had to wait quite awhile for people to clear out long enough for me to snap the photo. Something interesting is behind that blue door, but I can’t tell you what it is… yet. (Mainly because I don’t know… yet.)ImageIs this not beautiful? The photo does not capture the way the golden accents gleamed in the sunlight.ImageSeveral thousand tiny pieces, one large masterpiece.

So there you have it. Venezia in a rush.

Coming soon- Roma, and more Venice.