Vicenza- A Tale of Rain

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s a little-known secret of Vicenza. Are you ready?

It looks like this. All the time.

Ok, sorry. That’s not a secret, and it’s not quite true. Vicenza doesn’t look like this all the time. It does, however, look like this a lot. Tutti giorni. Molto tiempo. Nel cielo manca un angelo? (Sorry, I’m learning to flirt in Italian. Is heaven missing an angel? You tell me…)

I could look at days like this as being buzzkills. They rain on my parade. Ha.

I actually do enjoy days like today, and here’s why:

The rain drops on the hibiscus.


The snails in the ivy.

The moody lighting.

Really the best part about days like today, this week, Vicenza is that nobody goes outside so I can photograph snails without people wondering why I’m not squashing them.

Also the rain leads to these. Everywhere. There’s not much better than food you harvest yourself.